Ladies and Gentleman who like excitement can relax in peace and quiet at Garzebo. The entrance fee is not too high, and it is a very convenient place for families to relax. You can stay at Garzebo from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, and a maximum of 6 people can rest. The roof There will be a small sofa and a round table (small). There will be a round, so come to relax while breathing in the fresh air.

To further enhance your experience at the park, we provide stylish thatched roof Gazebos (Cabana) which are for rent on daily basis. Gazebos are a perfect asylum for you to relax and unwind with more privacy. If you rent a gazebo you can even have your meals delivered straight to your gazebo.

If you were to tell a place where you can enjoy all 3 seasons, you would point to Yangon Waterboom. In addition to being one of the best recreational spots in Myanmar. It is a place that can provide full excitement, so we invite all gentlemen who want to relax and enjoy a visit.